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We're proudly to be distributor for Palmsens BV. PalmSens BV was founded in 2001 by Dr. Kees van Velzen, one of the driving forces in the field of potentiostat digitalization in the late 80’s and 90’s. PalmSens was the first company to reduce a research grade potentiostats to a size that fits in your pocket.

At PalmSens we are committed to make electrochemistry easier, more portable and more accessible for novice and we provide a comprehensive range of instruments for most types of electrochemistry with an emphasis on mobility and cost. We manufacture the world’s smallest commercially available potentiostat: the EmStat. While our unique flagship device, the PalmSens3, is one of the most compact frequency response analyzers (FRA) / EIS capable devices in the market. advanced researchers.


Spotlight product

Moku:Lab couples the signal processing power of an FPGA with high-speed
analog inputs and outputs to bring you a new level of flexibility in the lab.

One device, multiple instruments

Oscilloscope                                           PID controller
Waveform generator                         Bode analyzer
Spectrum analyzer                              Digital filter box
Phasemeter                                            Arbitrary waveform generator
Data logger                                             Lock-in amplifier



Scientific application
Here you will find a broad yet complimentary range of Analytical and Lasers & Photonics applications for your research and laboratory experiences.


We are proud to offer a complete range of products, services and solutions to our current and future customers alike. 



ryts instrumentation

We also have a vareity of instruments that may suit your need.


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We representing only the finest manufacturers of equipment in these particular fields of science, with the technical know-how and support required, we are confident in achieving exactly that.